Salutations from Earth Awesome!

Greetings, fellow traveler!

You don’t know me yet, but hopefully you’ll stick around.

I am called Mike of Earth Awesome. Why Earth Awesome you ask? Because that is the name of my Earth, duh. It will most likely be different than yours, because I am not from your Earth. However, I have found a way to access your Earth. I like it here. You have better porn here.

Anyway, I’ve brought with me a different version of me (I’m Mike) from each and every Earth that I had to pass through to get to yours. Ironically enough all points in the various Earths I have visited have led you to this very blog.

Lucky you!

This blog’s our focal point. All the pop culture knowledge of the multiverse at your greedy little hands. Some of us are tech junkies or gamers. Most of us love comic books.

I think there was even one on Earth where I was a furry but the less said about that, the better. We have all agreed to put our collective knowledge at your disposal. Sometimes we may have compelling issues to discuss, other times it could be something as simple as two of us arguing over who would kick who’s ass: Voldemort or Darth Vader. The only way for you to truly gain all of the knowledge we Mike’s have to impart, is by reading (and, you know, maybe telling some friends, too).

What will it help you say… it will help…

*dramatic pause*



– Mike of Earth-Awesome


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